Where Are Your Horns and Pitchfork? Part 1


Good Day, Gents. There is something we haven’t touched here at Man of Many Shoes and that is how to pair accessories. If the devil’s in the details, we should all be grooming our goatees and polishing our pitchforks. Accessories like jewelry, watches, pocket squares, cufflinks, and tie bars should be in your collection. I’ve found it helpful to learn what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve first and foremost and then cater it to what you’re actually wearing. A great example would be making sure you’re never wearing an iced out chain with a trophy sized medallion hanging from it, especially when you’re wearing an amazing, well tailored suit… a serious no no. You must have the ability to pair accessories appropriately, if not, I’m always here to help. Today we’ll begin with formal accessories.



Three Piece Suit by Simon Spurr

When going to a wedding or any other formal event, less is always more. There are rules to making sure you don’t look over done. Nonchalance is your best friend in these situations. You could easily come out swinging in such a setting and the only person you’d be knocking out is yourself, lets avoid that like plague. Let’s consider the following.

charcoal_blue_heroSolid Charcoal Blue Suit by Black Lapel, starts at $529.00

The above suit looks amazing, well tailored, paired with a great shirt and tie as well as shoes. We can accessorize this outfit but adding touches of flair that do not take the spotlight away from the suit itself but rather accentuate it even more.


Image via Trashness, Top 10 Best Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are powerful little pieces of fabric. For something so disconcerting on it’s own, it can be used to flatter a suit,show edge, or also polish up an already conservative look even more. You want your pocket square to compliment your tie but not match it. A great collection can be seen by Paul Smith.


Printed Silk Pocket Square by Paul Smith, $85.00

Neatly fold and tuck them into your suit jacket, or create a flourish of fabric by laying your square flat on a surface pinching it at the middle and gently holding at the collected pinch while placing into your jacket (One of my favorites) Here’s a great guide to many pocket square folding options.

Cufflinks are another accessory that that can only make a well put together man look that much greater. Cufflinks come in a variety of styles and shapes and when choosing it’s important to keep in mind the scale of your cufflinks, as well as being sure you’re actually wearing a french cuff. I’m a huge fan of unusual and unique cufflinks that have a little bit of edge and attitude without attracting so much attention. A great cufflink that could actually spark some interesting conversation when spotted are Jean-Michel Basquiat Cufflinks


Basquiat “Charles the First” Cufflinks, €63,00


“Pez Dispenser” An extremely unique and very stylish option, €63,00

The time has come where men go off the deep end. I’m talking about jewelry. I can appreciate some flashy, blinged out jewelry… just not during formal settings. Save the gumball sized diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for your hot date, chances are she’s looking stunning in them. It is ok to wear jewelry just remember LESS IS MORE. A simple bracelet or Signet ring are great conservative pieces of jewelry that don’t give off the image of trying to hard, after all it should all seem effortless.

cdd9273b-d72f-4b40-a08c-03782ed71292David Yurman, Exotic Stone Ring, $375.00

Man of Many Shoes Approves of this ring in EVERY stone option

Keep in mind, gentlemen, to keep things simple. Accessorize tastefully. Don’t walk out your door pairing loud pocket squares, wide tie bars, and flashy cuff links and jewelry. This Man of Many Shoes may have to think about forgiving you.

Remember Men, a man is only handsome if he is better looking than the devil. Follow the guide and you’ll be very well on your way.

Stay Classy, Sinners.

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